(vladislavs57@yandex.com) possibility of buying a passport

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(vladislavs57@yandex.com) possibility of buying a passport

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The possibility of buying a passport on this site gives you the opportunity to benefit from the passport of the country of your choice. Thus, you can buy a passport of your choice depending on its "power", ie the number of countries that it can join without a visa. Thus, you can buy on our site the passport that will dispense you from the fact of buying a visa.
Buy a visa when needed

By buying a visa on this site, you target the country that suits you and we take care of obtaining the necessary visa for this country. Also, we make sure that the passport you already hold can not allow you to go to this country without a visa.
Buy a residence or work permit depending on length of stay

In relation to residence and work permits, we allow our customers to choose the length of stay according to their ambitions, but also what they can pay for. The length of stay can be 30 days, 90 days, 120 days depending on the rules of the country in question. So buying a residence or work permit on this site is simply choosing your length of stay in that country.
Buy a diploma or certification to get a job

You can also on this site buy a diploma or certification to complete or build a professional profile that would allow you to get a job. When you contact us, we can either provide you with the diploma of your choice, or advise you to buy a much better diploma.
Buy an authentic and registered European driving license

Buying a driver's license has never been easy. Here we only offer European driving licenses registered in all the necessary databases. They allow our customers to save a lot of time and money.
Buy a national identity card safely

You can also buy a National Identity Card here to acquire a particular nationality but we will make sure of your good intentions before delivering it.